In recent years, there is a fashion for building hotels in more and more unconventional shapes. A building resembling a table tennis racket will be erected in China in the city of Huainan. It will be 150 meters high and its construction will cost 50 million dollars.
No wonder that it is in China that the building of such a construction is being built – ping-pong in this country is considered a national sport. The hotel will be directed upwards with its “hand”, and next to it there will be a round object, reminiscent of a ball for this sport. The interior will be divided into three parts – the mountain will be used for sightseeing, with rooms inside and conference rooms at the bottom.
The hotel will be located in the Olympic complex, where in the future stadiums in the shape of American football, football, volleyball or basketball will be built. The buildings were designed by Mei Jikui, a well-known architect of sports facilities. Unofficial sources say that the total cost of the investment will amount to about 2.2 billion (1.8 billion yuan), and the construction will be completed within 5 years.

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