Runners are an extremely important element of every drawer. However, in order for them to work properly, they must be installed correctly and, above all, they must be selected in the right way. H27 runners are one of the most universal sizes of these devices.

H27 drawer runners – where will they work?

H27 size guides are quite a lightweight solution, but not the lightest. They are most often used in places such as drawers in desks or bedside tables, but also small and medium drawers of other furniture. Such runners are strong enough to be used also for slightly larger drawers. It is worth remembering that they may also vary in length. When choosing the slides, it is important to consider the length. Choosing slides that are too short will most likely result in the drawer not working properly. In addition, it should be remembered that such slides may have different designs and materials. Today, ball-bearing slides are most commonly used, whose movement is facilitated by bearing balls inside. Cheaper furniture still uses guides with plastic rollers, which are much less durable.

What else should you remember?

When buying drawer runners it is worth betting on the highest quality product. Drawer runners are usually used very intensively, so choosing a good quality product allows you to use it longer without the need to replace it. Good quality slides are usually made of galvanised or powder coated steel. There are also slightly cheaper aluminium slides in the trade. When deciding on a particular size of the slides, it is worth thinking carefully because slides that are too narrow can be destroyed quite quickly under the influence of the drawer weight. When installing the slides, the greatest possible precision should be maintained – on both sides of the drawer should be in exactly the same places, otherwise the drawer will not open properly and may resist.

Drawer runners 27mm height – Furnica

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