They are the main components of drawer fittings. They can be commonly found in every home, at work, in a company or in all kinds of public institutions. Each type of drawer is equipped with slides. Its main function is to conveniently pull out the drawer from inside the furniture at the desired speed. Everyday reaching for clothes, cutlery, plates or even socks one does not realise that this is possible thanks to these elements. The slide decides on the way of pulling out the drawer, making it able to pull out completely (the so-called “full pull-out”) or partially, so that its back part is still hidden in the furniture casing.


In modern furniture, drawers are often equipped with the possibility of so called “push to open”. “Push to open”. It allows you to open the drawer by pressing on the front of the drawer surface. This eliminates the need for furniture handles. The created environment immediately becomes more minimalistic, which may attract the attention of fans of such decor. Another important feature that slides may be equipped with is a self-closing mechanism that pulls the drawer to the end of the surface. This mechanism avoids slamming doors and leaving drawers annoyingly unclosed. But functionality isn’t everything; it’s also worth considering the safety features of the drawer runners.

Heavy duty drawer runners – Furnica


-Ball-bearing slides – very often chosen for offices where drawers contain piles of heavy papers weighing down the drawer. They are chosen because their load capacity can reach up to 50kg! Equipped with an easy to install “Tip-on” mechanism.

– Roller runners – equipped with rollers mounted on bearings. This type of slide is aimed at people who are inexperienced in fitting this type of accessory – it is very simple. There are many different coloured roller slides on the market which can also be an interesting variation. They are mainly used for built-in drawers designed to hold small, lightweight items due to the fact that their load capacity is much lower than that of their predecessors.

-Bottom-mounted runners – the choice for wooden drawer lovers – no more protruding side runners glaring into the eye. All of the housing is located on the bottom side of the drawer.

Combining functionality with the right type of slide for you will provide the perfect solution making everyone happy with their choice for years to come.

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