Our flats are full of small elements which create the final effect of the decor. One of them are inconspicuous furniture handles. They combine two very important functions. On the one hand they enable comfortable use of the furniture, on the other hand they give it the final style. Replacing them with new ones can fundamentally change the look of our furniture. Therefore, it is worthwhile to focus on the correct choice. For this purpose, it is worth knowing some rules that will make it easier.

What should be the guiding principle when choosing furniture handles?

Everything depends on our needs. If we are looking for handles for rarely used furniture, then we can afford a little extravagance and put the aesthetic aspect first. Then let’s focus on the design adapted to our furniture fronts. Beautifully selected handles will give our interiors a unique character and style. Then traditional furniture knobs will be a good solution. It is important that their size is properly matched to the size of the furniture. They fit perfectly into a classic decor, often characterised by a unique and very sophisticated design. If you need handles for kitchen or bathroom furniture, let us focus on functionality. Remember that these are the furniture we use every day. Longitudinal, edge or shell handles will work better in such rooms. They enable a firm grip regardless of the size of hands and can be used by both massive, male hands and gently by our children. This type of handles are characterized by extraordinary functionality and minimalism. So they are better suited for rooms decorated in a modern style, where slightly sharper shapes of furniture dominate.

What materials to choose?

The choice of material from which handles are made has a significant impact on their appearance and durability. You can choose from aluminium, brass and other metal alloys, plastics, wood and much more. Let’s avoid varnished materials, because then its abrasion can occur under the influence of use.


This is a very important point, because the spacing of the holes and the way of mounting must enable the holders to be attached to our furniture. It is therefore essential to check this before going to the shop. Most holders are mounted on screws. Let us pay attention to their length so that they are not too long in relation to the boards from which the furniture is made.

Replacing furniture handles is a very simple operation, not requiring high costs. We can very quickly radically change the appearance of our furniture ourselves and often instead of replacing the whole set of furniture, it is enough to invest in handles to enjoy the desired look.

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