Drawers are a very important element of our homes. Thanks to them it is possible to use the space efficiently and therefore we meet them in practically every room. However, for them to be comfortable to use, they must have the right features. One of the most important elements of drawers are furniture slides. When choosing them, it is therefore necessary to think about what we will store in the drawers, and thus what kind of loads we will put on them.

Which drawer runners are available?

The first division, due to the manufacturing technique, is into roller and ball bearing slides. The first ones are characterised by simpler construction, much lower price, but also lower durability. They are much easier to install, even on their own. If you are looking for slides for office drawers, you can easily opt for roller slides. However, if you are looking for durable slides for kitchen drawers, let’s choose ball bearing slides. They have a more complicated design and higher costs, but they pay off with much smoother work.

Load capacity

This is a very important parameter for long and efficient use of the drawer. If we choose a runner with too low a load capacity, then there may be a loss of smoothness, bending and, in extreme cases, even cracking of the runner, leading to damage to furniture and its contents.

Degree of extension of the slides

If the drawer is deep, then we need slides that extend quite strongly or even to the end so that we can freely reach the back of the drawer. If the drawer is shorter, then we can afford to choose a half extension. Of course, there are also models with an untypical extension, so with a little bit of willingness everyone should find slides that enable comfortable use of furniture. However, we should remember that drawer slides with a higher extension level are exposed to higher loads and damage.

Additional functions

The furniture guides also have other interesting functions. The function of cushioned closing is worth noting, which prevents the contents from crashing and shaking. It is worth investing in it, as it significantly affects the comfort of use and durability of furniture. Another function that we can often encounter is the push to open function. It consists in the fact that in order to open a drawer, it is enough to press on its front.

Drawer runners are very important furniture elements. You should not save money on them, because replacing them is quite cumbersome and as a result you will still have to buy high quality slides.

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