Nowadays, food is highly processed. Practically everything is processed. It used to be. Today, each sausage is in a separate film, which obviously affects the product. Vegetables no longer have as many nutrients as they used to. This is because the earth is barren and doesn’t give up what it could. The meat is not very healthy either, it has many toxins and no longer contains so many vitamins. Sweets do not contain any nutrients. They have a lot of sugar. That’s why our diet is lacking many vitamins, micronutrients and ingredients. Are supplements for athletes only for them? Well, not only. People who don’t exercise can also provide themselves with the missing things. It is good to consult a dietician. He will balance our diet and choose the right supplements. He will check what we are.


missing in our diet, because we can’t overdo it. We won’t know exactly what we’re missing ourselves. He’ll probably order us to do some research, which he will analyze. It will also be crucial to write down what we eat. It’s important to write down every bite. A good dietitian will notice what’s wrong here. What we eat too much or too little or not at all. How much water we drink and what quality it is. Whether we drink alcohol and how much. Do we eat vegetables, what and how much. Everything matters. We often eat it and we don’t even realize it. Often unhealthy. People who exercise, do some sport, are careful when it comes to their diet. Supplements for athletes such as protein supports muscle development. It must not be missing if we want to gain muscle. Carbohydrate supplements and amino acids are also solid elements in an athlete’s diet. The coach then makes sure that everything is delivered properly. At the right times, intervals and doses. Good supplements have no side effects. Protein supplements can have different flavors, they can also be tasteless. Then we can use them for different dishes. In this way we can provide ourselves with everything we need.

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