Cable grommets are one of the furniture accessories which enable the desired cable routing and proper masking of the openings in which they are located. Nowadays, furniture is commonly equipped with special cut-outs allowing for the placement of appropriately sized cable grommets. Their main purpose is to provide convenience and protect against constant tangling of cables under feet. No more catching on protruding cables and damaging the electronic equipment to which they are connected!

They also allow you to achieve order and aesthetics – tangled balls of cables from multiple devices are not the best visual effect.
Furniture cable ducts are most often found in desks, where laptops, batteries, fans, lamps or monitors are commonly placed, but also in RTV cabinets. Almost every home or office has the above mentioned equipment, so it is worth taking care to fit the appropriate culvert to it.

Selection, types and shapes

In furniture shops you can find various types of cable conduits. Their basic distinction is their size. The most popular are those with a hole diameter of up to 60 or 80 mm. Similar size holes are located in the furniture, so that everything creates a synchronous whole. Nowadays, depending on your preferences, you can find oval, square or rectangular holes in various colours.

The most popular colours are white, black and brown.

One of the most interesting types of cable ducts are sealed cable ducts, which best protect the cable against damage such as bending, splashing or interruption of cable continuity.
S They are rubber or brush-type cable ducts.

The former, as the name suggests, are equipped with a special rubber, which can be used to lead the cable through in the desired way. The latter have a special masking brush, which increases the aesthetic value of the room.


Cable grommets are furniture fittings, which have many functions. Not only do they improve the look of the room, the comfort of use, but also affect the safety. It is a frequent choice in homes where there are pets. Their frequent occupation is to chew through wiring, which can pose a danger of electrocution to them, but also to people.

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