When choosing furniture for a room in the house, or even in a utility room, it is important to keep in mind that cabinet doors should open as comfortably as possible for us – so it is not without significance whether we install a furniture hinge with an opening angle of 90 degrees or a cabinet hinge of 110 degrees. It is very important to choose such fittings so that they allow the use of the cabinets without blocking side cabinets – we can choose overlay hinges, which mean that the door will overlap the cabinet casing or such hinges which will be level with the casing. On the market we will find really many options, but what is still important is the company from which we plan to purchase. It is very important that you choose the cheapest solution and it may end up in a home disaster, because there are few people who will be satisfied with the hinges, which after a few days will be completely out of adjustment, they will not be able to be set properly and accurately and it will come to a situation where they will destroy our carefully selected fronts.

The hinges in addition to the degree of opening of the door should also be matched by strength and size, which greatly affects the use of the cabinets in everyday life. If you decide on a cabinet with a bottom-opening front, it is worth investing in stronger hardware, but if you want a cabinet with a top-opening front, you should buy hinges with a stop, or rather a brake, holding the door up so that it does not fall on your head, hands, or delicate items taken out or put into the cabinet.

In addition to the above-mentioned features of hinges, we should also mention silent closing. A furniture hinge with a silent closure is actually a standard in most of the furniture offered.

It is hard to imagine a better comfort in everyday kitchen use than not having to stress about slamming doors while a small child sleeps in the next room. In addition to all this, a soft-close is good protection for both the fronts and the cabinet casing, which will last much longer if it doesn’t collide with the front every time the furniture is opened.

All types of hardware offered in stores must be certified so that you can confidently and safely use them in your own home. It is not difficult to be tempted by a cheaper option, but you have to think about the consequences – bad hardware will have to be repaired or purchased new, and this generates additional costs, which may increase several times the price you paid at the very beginning, also buying better hinges is not overpaying, but a reasonable choice.


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