At home and at work we are surrounded from many sides by all kinds of electronics and other wonders of today’s technology. Even if we rely on wireless equipment, it is impossible to completely exclude cables from our surroundings, which often become an element of decoration difficult to arrange. However, this is not impossible.

Maintaining the aesthetic appearance of surfaces such as a desk will provide us with furniture guides. They can be made of different materials, have any colour or shape. Depending on our preferences, we are able to adjust this product to our needs in every respect. Cable passes for furniture can be purchased separately, so if you do not have one in your existing furniture, you are not doomed to a spider web of cables on the top of your desk.

The next step in keeping your cables tidy is to use cable glands/oppers. However, it should be taken into account whether the cable is often passed through from one place to another. If so, the use of this solution may be inconvenient for us. In the case of cables whose location does not change, braided sleeving will be a hit.

Organizers and cable clips – on the market you can find many kinds of ready-made organizers for cables, so it is worth to look for a solution that will suit you best. Cable clips are very convenient in use and installation. They hold the cable in a specific place and allow for free use.

The marking of the cables itself can help us to maintain order. Stickers can be purchased or made by yourself. Thanks to this, we will avoid looking for a specific cable, e.g. in a previously attached bundle, and thus nerves and tidiness.

All cables, e.g. Internet, telephone, etc. are worth hiding in skirting boards. In this way we will protect them from damage while maintaining the aesthetic values of the room.

Remember that taking care of the aesthetic appearance of all kinds of cabling in the house also brings many other advantages, such as getting rid of a habitat of dust or protecting wires against abrasion or other mechanical damage.

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